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We are proud to present the following sampling of bookings of Elen’s Kids.

Elen's Kids, Elen's Kids, Elen's Kids

Follow the Rules (MTV) - Sophia P appeared on the MTV show "Follow the Rules" on Monday, November 2, 2015.  She will also appear Monday, November 9 @ 10pm.  

Law & Order - SVU: Four of Elen's Kids, Ben, Ryann, Jack & Emily appeared on the episode which aired Tuesday, November 3, 2015.

Good Night Show - Sprout TV.

Tuari W. appeared with Star in both the "Parks" episode, which aired on Wednesday, August 26th, 2015 and also in the "Parents" episode, which is scheduled to air on Monday, September 14th, 2015. Both shows begin @ 6pm on Sprout.

William R & Julian Z will appear in the HBO series "VINYL".  The scene they shot took place August 18th, 2015.

The feature film "Going in Style" will feature Katya S., Bella D, Israel C, and many many more of Elen's Kids in a school scene that shot in Astoria, NY on August 5, 2015

Christopher B. & Nicholas T. are football players in the TV Show "Shades of Blue".  Episode shot July 23, 2015.

On July 8, 2105, Connor Hagan played the roll of Bernie Madoff in an "Untitled Wall Street Mini Series" to be shown on TV.  

Awesome C. performed the voice over of a Toy Company toy.  Work date was July 16, 2015.

William R. appears in the episode "Out of Darkness" on the Discovery ID Channel.  Shoot took place in Glen Ridge NJ on June 3, 2015.

During a shoot on June 18, 2015, Jack C played the role of Young Bruce Wayne on the TV show Gotham.  

Kyle E. Shot a Fisher Price TV Commercial May 2, 2015.

Gia & Ella S. did a TV commercial shoot at Camelback Waterpark, PA on May 13, 2015

Yvanna B & Isis E. were the hosts of the National Geographic Web Series that shot on May 5, 2015.

Jessica B, Lauren C. & Keith S shot an episode of Law & Order SVU on May 11, 2015.

Raphael M. was shot for a print ad for Toys R Us on May 13, 2015

Kyma & Kymora P. just shot a Sesame Street Music Video Saturday, April 25, 2015.

Naomi, Jax & Dad shot a Sesame Place TV Commercial April 2015.

Mish, Izabela and 7 other of Elen's Kids just completed shooting an episode of the HBO TV Show "Girls" during the month of April 2015.

Kelliann K participated in the LFUSA Fashion Show April 20, 2015

Julian M, Keith S, and Amanda S, are the hosts of National Geographic Web Series.…/ng-kids-on-youtube/

Dominic S booked and worked the Radio City Christmas Spectacular during November and December 2014.

Elen's Kids were featured on Access Hollywood. Click on

See Tobi. G in Pampers Ads. see:

Gianna D. is featured on a Brother International Sew Easy Commercial Click on

Annabelle and Elizabeth Z and John O appeared with Michael Buble on his NBC Christmas Special that aired December 6, 2011.

Samanta B. & 10 other kids shot a Citibank Commercial December 2011

Elen's Kids were featured on Access Hollywood on February 23, 2011. Click on

Jake & Hannah W. appeared in the E-Trade commercial that aired during the 2010 Super Bowl.

15 of Elen's Kids appear in the Angelique Kidjo Music Video produced for the UN. The video can been seen on the director's site at:

Target hired Kaden D. whose work can now be seen nationwide at most Target stores during the fall of 2010

Taeva P. was hired and appeared on Animal Planet Wednesday, August 17, 2011 on the episode called "Bedbug Apocalypse".

With over 30 million hits, watch Ava G, Jordan O, Madison R and David W in the Eminem Rihanna PARODY "Love the Way you Lie" video at

Madison R was featured in an episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories (The Connie Stevens Episode) which aired September 18, 2010.

Shayla S. plays the role of Ruby and Cory D. Plays the role of Abdul in the film "Precious". The movie was released Friday, November 6, 2009.

The movie "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps", features 17 of Elen's Kids in various park scenes. The movie was released September 24, 2010.

Angela Z was featured as the pianist on the Law & Order SVU episode "Totem" that aired on channel 4 at 10PM on March 30, 2011.

Maya F. appears in Gap's nationwide print ads and store windows for the 2009 winter season.

Over 60 kids appear in various scenes in the movie "It's Complicated" starring Meryl Streep & Alex Baldwin. The movie was released December 25, 2009.

Nicole T. was featured in the final episode of Guiding Light which aired September 18, 2009.

Megan S. & Michelle S., played the role of Dylan in the CBS TV series "The Good Wife" which aired Tuesday, October 20, 2009.

Ashley S. appeared in Target store windows and print ads during the 2009 holidays. The shoot took place in Bridgehampton NY.

Cassandra D. is the featured "Bee" in Rob Thomas' music video "Someday" which premiered on VH1 top 20 countdown on October 4, 2009.

Malang S., Rachel C., Madison C., Chris F., & Christina F. all appeared in Law & Order episode "Reality Bites" which aired October 16, 2009.

Read "Postcards from the Garden of Estrogen", a book about an Elen's Kids family. Visit for more information.

Annie M. appeared on "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" episode title "Folie a Deuz" Sunday June 7th, 2009 on the USA Network.

On May 28, 2009, Sabrina W. completed her 45th day as a model for the Gap.

Gabriel B. is the young boy in GoodNites ads that can be seen on page 59 of Woman's Day Magazine April 2009 issue.

Over 95 of Elen's Kids were hired for various scenes in the movie "Duplicity" starring Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. The movie was released March 20, 2009.

Karen S. played the role of the sorority girl on ABC's "What Would You Do"? which aired Tuesday, March 10, 2009.

Laney R. appears on page 51 of People Magazine's February 23, 2009 edition promoting "Little Miss Perfect", which aired on WEtv February 18, 2009.

Leann M. appeared on Law & Order January 7, 2009 on NBC and played the Haitian slave.

In the movie "Doubt" starring Meryl Streep & Philip Seymour Hoffman, Alannah I. plays the girl in church and Gabriella D. plays Sister James' Student #7. There are 10 additional Elen's Kids in various other roles.

Chloe H. and 11 other of Elen's Kids appear in the movie "Cadillac Records". The movie was released December 5, 2008 and stars Beyonce and Adrien Brody.

Taylor D. plays Tyanna Wallace, Biggie's first daughter, in the movie "Notorious" which was released January 16, 2009. Na Sean H. and 50 of Elen's Kids were also featured in the movie.

The September 2008 edition of American Baby features Garrett H. on the cover.

Nicole C. & her child Chloe, and Bartty A. & her child Isabella were featured in a WEB MD TV commercial first airing on the FOX channel during the Dallas / Washington Sunday night football game September 28, 2008.

Watch Stefanie F. in a Gushers commercial that initially aired July 2008 on Disney, Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network channels.

Iyana F. was hired for Ralph Lauren ads that took place July 2008 in Westin, CT.

On June 21, 2008, Stefanie F., & Kelly F. with 20 other Elen's Kids appeared in the movie "Adrift in Manhattan" which aired on Channel 9 at 8:00PM.

Michael S. & Hunter C. play the governor's sons and Hanna S. play the victim's daughter in the episode "excalibur" on Law & Order that aired May 21, 2008.

Marco C. & Jayden L. play the sons to Billy Miske in the "Billy Miske Story" playing on the Amazing Sports Stories airing on the MSG Channel. The first airing was April 20, 2008.

A'Kela H. is the cover child on the Dec/Jan edition of Baby Talk Magazine.

Watch over 100 of Elen's Kids in the movie "Baby Mama". The movie starring Tina Fey & Amy Poehler was released April 25, 2008.

John O. can be seen in a national Crestor commercial that started airing on all major networks March 2008.

The movie "Definitely, Maybe", released February 14th, 2008 features over 60 kids in various scenes. In addition, Kerry J. is the photo double to Abigail Breslin.

Andrew L. appeared on One Life to Live on March 11, 2008.

The February 2008 edition of Parents Magazine features Carrie B. on the cover.

Over 60 of Elen's Kids (and their parents) worked for six nights for a Will Smith movie called "I Am Legend". The movie was released December 14, 2007.

Will G. is the boy on the Marquee of the Music Box Theatre for the new Broadway Show The Farnsworth Invention.

The Gap hired Jenna S. for 22 days as a fit model. Her last work date was April 10, 2008.

Craig J. & Joshua D. play the roll of bully orpanage kids in the film August Rush, starring Robin Williams. The movie was released November 21, 2007. There are 30 of Elen's Kids featured in the movie. The shoot took place Feb 13-15, 2006 in Katonah, NY. Our parents were also hired to appear in a shoot at the NJPAC on March 15, 2006 and then in Central Park the week of April 10th 2006.

The Gap hired Sofia A. for 12 days as a fit model. Her last work date was September 17, 2007.

Chance B. worked for 10 days for The Children's Place. Her last day was November 30, 2007.

Lacey V. & Shianne K. play the roll of Lily Cairn in the movie Joshua. The movie was released July 13th, 2007.

Justin H. plays the role of Elvis on the TV show Rescue Me, starring Dennis Leary.

On May 29, 2007, Albert G. was the child on The Today Show presenting summer wear for kids.

In the movie Spider-Man 3, watch Taylor H., Austin H., and Nasir S. in the opening scene with Tobey Maguire playing the kids in Times Square. In addition, over 100 of Elen's Kids were hired for various scenes including the Keys to the City presentation ceremony.

The Gap has hired Mue C. for eighteen days as a fit model. Her last work date was June 21, 2007. The Gap continues to hire Theresa P. as a fit model. Her most previous work day was 12/6/06.

Troy K. and Sean R. shot a scene for the TV show 30 Rock title "Fighting Irish" which aired March 8. 2007.

On February 14, 2007 Karen A. was hired by the Maury Povich Show for a reenactment scene.

On January 29, 2007 the ABC TV program Six Degrees hired 10 of Elen's Kids for various school scenes.

Lamont P. was hired for an episode of "Law & Order" called "Charity Case". The shoot took place on the streets of Manhattan on November 22, 2006. Jordan G., Kamar G., & Jaden R., all were hired and worked 3 days for an episode which aired January 12, 2007.

The January 2007 cover of American Baby Magazine features Niya B.

Dajijah E. can be seen in the January 2007 edition of Jet and Magazines in Pulmicort ads.

Phat Pharm hired Adrissi E. for a shoot that took place November 20th, 2006 on Long Island, NY.

Cingular hired Chance B. for a print ad photographed November 14, 2006.

Lauren Q. was hired on October 27, 2006 as a back-up for a TV Commercial.

Kiddieland hired Lucas D. & Corbin R. for a photo shoot on October 27, 2006.

The feature film Reservation Road, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Jennifer Connolly hired 45 of Elen's Kids during the month of October 2006 for various scenes. All scenes were filmed in Connecticut.

On September 29, 2006, The Children's Health Fund hired and photographed Deandra A., Brandon M., Matthew M., William W., & Dana W. for their upcoming 2006 Annual Report.

The primetime NBC TV show "30 Rock" starring Tina Fey hired 4 of Elen's Kids for a volleyball skit. Also hired were Michal A. to play Tina as a 9 yr old and Christopher B. to play Tina as a baby. The episode aired October 25th 2006.

Armani H. was hired for a Chucky Cheese TV commercial which took place Oct 2, 2006.

The Academy Award nominated movie "Little Children" starring Patrick Wilson & Kate Winslet hired 40 of Elen's Kids. Brooke F. is the girl asking her mother for change to buy candy. The shoot took place in E. Orange NJ.

Logan R. & Mom shot a TV commercial for Boudreaux's Butt Paste on Sept 7th in Hawthorne NY.

Over 100 of Elen's Kids were hired for the film "Then She Found Me" starring Helen Hunt, Bette Midler, Matthew Broderick, & Tim Robbins. The shoot took place Sept and October, 2006 in Brooklyn, NY.

The Maury Povich Show hired Kayla G. and dad Darrel, and Kiara M. for a reenactment scene. Their scene was shot August 18th, 2006 and aired September 21, 2006.

The movie "In Bloom" (starring Uma Thurman) hired 16 of Elen's Kids for several scenes shot over the summer. The last scene was shot September 12, 2006, with Emily H. being chased by Uma's character.

Baby Calvin W. and brother Calvin were hired by WebMD for a TV spot that also features their mother, Nicole. Their shoot took place August 29th in Rye NY.

Marshall Fields hired Ivan R. & Gavin D. for a October 2006 Macy's Flyer.

Justin M. and mom were hired by the IRS for an ad campaign promoting the Earned Income Credit. Mom and son worked August 15, 2006.

Little baby Edward K., was hired by Similac for their print ad. The photo shoot took place July 24, 2006.

Devonte R., was hired as a principal for a TV spot for Prudential Insurance. The commercial aired during the month of July and August 2006.

Vicks Vapor Rub hired Christopher S., for their print ad campaign. The photo shoot took place July 13, 2006.

Dejiyah D., Tamara S., & Emani D. all were hired for print ad by Astra Zenica. Their shoot took place June 30th, 2006. Astra Zenica also hired Ryan C. & Mathew U. for a August 18th 2006 shoot.

Shelcore Toys hired George S., Lama K., Jenna F., Jake M., Patricia M., Callie L., Corgin R., plus 20 other kids for photo shoot during the month of June and July 2006.

Shianne K. & Lacey V. completed 17 days work during the month of June on the motion picture Joshua, scheduled for a 2007 release.

Watch Comcast Cable On-Demand TV commerical during July 2006 and see Colin B., Haley C., & Anthony E.

Over 100 of Elen's Kids' models were hired for the movie Spider-Man III which stars Tobey Maguire. Shooting took place during the month of June 2006 in NYC.

Kevin E. & Armani H. played the roles of Larry Bird and Wilt Chamberlain on an ABC Basketball Legends Special airing during the 2006 NBA finals.

Cassiel R, Madisen S., & Ashley F. performed in a spectacular runway show for Parsons School of Design 58th Annual Black-Tie Benefit & Fashion Show Monday, May 8th at Chelsea Piers. Guest speaker was President Bill Clinton.

Naomi K was photographed for the July 2006 cover of American Baby.

Promoting NJ Tourism in an TV commercial is Natalee F., Jaleesa J., Stefanie F., Austin H., and Amy R. The shoot took place September 2005 in Cape May and Ocean City and is currently being televised (May 2006) in the NY/Virginia/PA market.

Michael S. plays the roll of Jimmy Brennan in the NBC TV show Conviction airing May 2006.

Kerry J. has been working as a body double for child actress Abigail Breslin in an untitled Scott Hicks film starring Catherine Zeto-Jones. The film has been shooting March & April 2006 in various NYC locations.

Kmart hired Veronica A., Kie A., Jair J., James R., and Adianna V. for stores flyers being distributed April 30th 2006.

On page 28 of the Pitney Bowes 2005 Annual Report see a full page of Karina M. featured in a postage stamp with a crown on her head.

The child on the cover of Child Magazine for April 2006 is Marco C.

During February 2006, Stefanie F., Nicole C., Mark D., & 15 other kids were hired for the movie 1-9, starring Heather Graham and Billy Baldwin.

Madison P. appeared on The Maury Show February 9th 2006 in an reenactment. Look for Kerry J. on the The Maury Show March 2006 in another reenactment scene.

Partnership for a Drug Free New Jersey hired Ylisa V., Armani H. Matthew M. ∓ Amoreen W. for spring 2006 ads.

Malcome G. appears in a PSA with NYC Mayor Bloomberg denouncing bigotry.

Gabriella V. will appear in a Brystol-Myers corporate video shot January 2006.

Watch Spike TV the week of December 19-23 2005 and see Sabrina M. and her dad Alan M. promoting Viagra.

Haley E. plays Miranda on ABC's All My Children from December 16, 2005 through January 10, 2006.

The cover child on Ser Padres (Parents Magazine) for December 2005 is Desilyn A.

Marco. C is the cover child on Child Magazine's November 2005 edition. He also is the resting child in Child Magazine's October 2005 edition, page 105.

During November 2005 Bridgette M. & Nicholas R. were hired to appear in print and cable TV promoting the Freehold Mall.

Wyeth Labs hired Ronald V., Nikki R., Alex N., Seth L., ∓ John C., for upcoming trade periodicals scheduled for a 2006 publication.

The Children's Health Fund selected ∓ photographed Heather M., Jessica H., Dayanise E., Jenna J., Angela N., ∓ Sofia K. during November 2005 to appear in their upcoming 2005 Annual Report.

Harcourt Books selected and photographed Chris F., Amanda F., & Brittany C. to appear on the cover of "Sacraments", a book scheduled for publication during 2006.

Joshua P., will appear is sales brochures promoting the drug Depakote. The shoot took place October 28th at the Tavern On the Green.

Look for Brittany G. & Richard G. in an upcoming TV commercial for The Children Place. The scene was shot at the Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn during October 2005 and is set under a big circus tent.

American Baby Magazine photographed Ayana J. for their February 2006 cover.

Over 175 kids and their parents were hired as extras and soccer players in an upcoming Bollywood feature film called KANK. The scenes were taken at various locations in NYC. The release date is set for the fall of 2006.

The November 2005 edition of Parents Magazine hired Megan T. for the article "Ready, Set, Crawl" on pages 175 & 177.

Camryn H. was photographed to appear on "Dream Dazzler" boxes that will be sold on Toys R Us shelves starting March 2006.

Mackensie G. & Mom (Kathleen) were photographed for Martha Stewart magazine in an article entitled "Kids Tea House" scheduled for a Spring 2006 edition.

Joe C., Denis L., Deana P. & Stacey S., all appear as extras in the Bedford Diaries, a new fall 2005 TV show on the WB Channel.

During October 2005, Japanese TV hired Erin W. & Abby. B for a 2 day shoot. They will be appearing in the "World Astonishing News" portion of the newscast.

Joshua D. & his brother Mark D. played ballplayers in the upcoming TV pilot featuring Nick Nolte called "Off the Black". The shoot took place during September 2005 in upstate NY.

During September 2005, Hasbro Toys hired Milagros B., Jonathan B., Danielle C., & Ryan O. to appear on toy box covers.

Caeli C. just shot (September 2005) a TV commercial for Teddy Ruxpin in Wayne NJ. The commercial is scheduled for a late fall release.

Jillian C. plays the role of Elizabeth in the upcoming feature film Stephanie Daley, starring Timothy Hutton. The movie is scheduled for a 2006 release.

Alexa N. was photographed (but not used) for the December 2005 cover of Parents Magazine.

During September 2005 American Express shot a national TV commercial with Nicole J., Anthony B., Matthew B., and John S., and Savon B. The commercial will start to air this fall.

Patrick D., Erik R., Paris W., & Jeffrey M. all were photographed by Benetton during September 2005.

The movie titled "Little Children" starring Kate Winslet hired 40 of Elen's Kids as extras. Brooke F. was upgraded to a principal. The shoot took place September 2005 in W. Orange, NJ. The movie was released October 2006.

Mac C. was hired to play Paul Reiser as a baby in the just released (September 2005) film entitled "The Thing About My Folks", starring Peter Falk.

Matthew B., Hope V., & Effy A. all were hired for the Spike Lee motion picture "Inside Man" starring Denzel Washington.

During the month of August 2005, Stock Byte hired Jacob H., Meghan B., Crystal A., Nosel I. & Nicole A. for their stock footage portfolio.

Congratulations to Kelly K. who is the cover girl on the August 2005 Babies R Us "Nursery Times" catalogue.

The October 2005 edition of Parent & Child Magazine will feature Zharia M. & Kimiko M. in an article entitled "Teachers Picks".

Look for Ian K. & Jeannexy M. who just shot an Optimum On-Line TV commercial. The commercial started to air September 2005.

Child Magazine hired and photographed Chance B., Aidan S., and Marco C. for the October 2005 cover.

Congratulations to Deana P., Justine K., Andrew G., and Denis L. all appearing in various skits on the new hit comedy series Stella. The episode aired July 26th, 2005 on Comedy Central.

American Baby Magazine hired and photographed Kelly K., Hannah F., & Andrew R. for the September 2005 cover.

Luigi A., was hired and photographed for the October 2005 cover of Parenting Magazine.

Bossert & Co. hired Christopher M., Sophia P., Shantel S., Ryan M., and Shanelly P. to appear in educational videos for the 2006 school year.

Rescue Me, (the TV Series on FX) hired Katie R. to appear outside the bulimia clinic in the 7th and 8th TV episodes this summer. Trent H. was hired to appear outside a flee market and hospital. Vincent G. & Corey B. will be part of a church scene. In addition, Nicole A., Joseph C. (and mom), Jacob H. (and mom), Marissa R. (and mom) also were hired for various scenes.

Jessica B. will be prominently displayed on the 2006 USAA Insurance calendar.

Haley E. was just photographed for the cover of Child Magazine August 2005 edition.

Parent & Child Magazine photographed Brandon C., Justin Z., & Olivia B. for their June/July/August 2005 issue.

Scholastic Honeybee Book Club features Kimiko M. on the May 2005 cover.

From November 2004 to June 2005, Tommy Hilfiger hired Justin F. as a fit model 10 times to work with one of their designers.

Baby Talk Magazine features Jordan B. in a Toy Story Editorial for the March 2005 edition.

Look for Olivia B. wearing Sesame Street by Nicole Miller clothes in advertisements released March 2005.

Nicholette M. is playing peek-a-boo in Parents Magazine November 2004 editorial on page 142.

Robyn M. & Hannah F. were photographed for the cover of Babies R Us July 2005 catalogue.

Pharrel S., Jireh U., Alyssa G., Jenna H., Terissa T., John C., Shail M. & Brandon C were hired by Wyeth Labs to appear on the website during 2005.

Babies R Us hired Chennaya T., Connor S., Niya B., Zackary D., Sam F., Robyn M., Noah M., Pharrel S. & others for their February 2005 catalog.

Watch for Cortni G. in a upcoming Music Video "Look at it Now".

Michael S. made his Broadway August 2004 debut in the new Broadway Musical Dracula and is having a wonderful time with the cast.

Discovery Channel hired Jason A. and shot him October 2004 for an upcoming Christmas TV commercial.

Marshall Fields hired Jayla H., Olivia B., Niya B., & Lauren C., for its 2005 catalogue.

Joshua P. was hired by the YMCA and will be displayed during 2005 in NYC bus shelters and newspapers.

Cross C. & Damon A. were selected for the January 2005 American Baby cover. Also hired was Chance B. (with Mom) for an editorial.

American Baby hired Zahira P. for the February 2005 cover.

Watch for Serena C. & Jaden V. on web and print ads.

Layk W. and mom appear in the 2004 motion picture "Cook Out" featuring Queen Latifah.

Chase Manhattan Bank hired Ricardo C. for its promotional ads.

Alex G. played an extra in an upcoming movie "Nailed Right In" starring Alec Baldwin.

Look for Trey W., Sa'nai K., & Makylah B. in the 2004 Spike Lee movie called "She Hate Me".

Amanda R., Rubin R., Christopher A., & Stephanie A. all were hired and appeared in the new 2004 TV series Rescue Me, featuring Dennis Leary.

"Spider Man II", hired Stefanie F., Carla R., and Charlie B., as extras during the NY shoot.

Sozo photographed Chance B., Cross C., & Philip E. in Fairfield, CT. for their clothing line

Watch for Raven L. work as an extra in the movie "Angel" being released in 2005.

Look for Alexis G. & Nicole H. in the Parent & Child Magazine Feb/March 2005 edition.

Aiden S. is the cover baby on the July 2004 edition of American Baby Magazine. Victoria O. was photographed for the cover of the October 2004 edition of American Baby Magazine. Victoria O., Laina P., & Samantha G. all appear in the September 2003 edition of American Baby Magazine. Erika A. is featured in the October 2003 edition.

John S. is the young boy featured prominently on wall displays in Toys R Us stores during the 2004 Christmas season.

Lillian Vernon hired Danny S. for catalogue work.

John F. is featured in a Toyota TV commercial shown on ABC, CBS and NBC. John F. is also the "scotched tape" boy in the "Got Chocolate Milk" TV commercial airing on the Nickelodeon channel.

Pampers hired Jake V. for an advertising campaign that will only show his hands.

Haley H. & Abigail S. were hired as runway girls for the May 2004 benefit fashion show presented by the Parson School of Design.

Sears Kenmore hired Brendon S. for their consumer print campaign.

Bed Bath & Beyond hired Samantha H. for the print and Web ads.

Baby Orajel hired Juliana G. for their print campaign.

"Raising Helen", a romantic comedy motion picture by Disney starring Kate Hudson & John Corbett, hired the following kids for schoolyard scenes. Stefanie F., (who is in a scene with John Corbett and Kate Hudson) Gilbert L., Max L., Carla R., Tyler and Samantha H., Richard B., Charlie B., Nicholas C., Chris C., & Rebecca D.

Sa'nai K. is the cover girl on the Babies R Us fall/winter 2003 catalogue. Sa'nai K. was photographed over four days on various farms in northwest NJ.

Watch for Kate B. in a Noggin TV commercial and Stephanie A. on a TV Public Service Announcement promoting health.

Pharmaceutical company Novartis hired Zharia M. & Katherin M. to appear in Elidel product trade ads.

MTV hired Rebecca P. for their worldwide Video Image Campaign.

Ingrid S. was photographed for the October 2004 cover of Parents Magazine. Colleen R. is the cover girl on the July 2003 edition of Parents Magazine. She is wearing a red, white and blue Old Navy bathing suit.

Martha Stewart Magazine hired Nicholas O. to appear in the summer article entitled "Good Kid Things".

Parents Magazine photographed and features Anthony O. & Tyler S. in their May 2004 publication and Alesandro R. for the June 2004 edition. Anthony O. was also hired and photographed for the August 2004 edition. The September 2004 publication will present Philip E. & Abigail R. in the editorials. Philip E. was hired for the November 2004 edition.

Gerber selected Jayla H. for a TV commercial shot in Hoboken.

Christina T. was a body double in the Kevin Bacon directed film "Lover Boy". Adam K. will also appear in the movie as an extra.

The New York Daily News (Sunday February 29, 2004), features (full page) Amanda D. as the model in the article entitled "Big Girls Don't Cry".

Rebecca P., Edelyn C., Samantha D., & Brandon S., appear in a TV Public Service Announcement being used as a recruiting tool to hire teachers.

The 2004 holiday Kids Catalogue of Target will feature Megin F. & Jenna J. Their 4-hour shoot took place at Chelsea Piers.

American Standard hired Katie M. for their print advertisement.

Johnson & Johnson hired baby Isabella M. for an advertising campaign.

Mackenzie L., Bailey E., Ritika P., Nikki R. & Jaden V. were photographed for Sesame Street products.

Melissa H. was hired over two days and appears in an Educational Video promoting healthy kids.

Merck hired Isabella F. & Jada M. for in-house ads of the drug Proquad.

Kasani T. & Aiden S. were hired and photographed for American Baby 2004 July cover.

Jesse M. will appear in trade ads for the medication Synagis.

McGraw Hill photographed Jarett W. & Dad who will appear in a 6th grade math book.

Expecting Mothers Magazine presents Kiki G. in their fall catalogue.

Fisher Price selected Ashley H., Anastacia A., Jayla H., Giovanna C., Andy P., Damon A., Isabella M., & Daveas E. for their print ads.

Old Navy selected Ben M. & Margaret T. to perform as fit models.

Watch for Dalina L. and James W. in the Toys R Us catalogue.

Birds Eye will feature DeQuan F. on their Nacho Macho food package coming out November 2003 in Wal Mart Stores.

Del Monte hired Bria S. for a print ad.

Watch for Kiara W. on Corean Counter Tops ads.

Talbot's Kids hired Kelly B., Caeli C., Alexandra M., & Jack K. for their 2003 "Back to School" catalogue and hired baby Amanda A. for the 2004 catalogue.

Woman's World Magazine features David C. in their August 26, 2003 edition selling Silly Putty.

Connor C. is featured in a Toyota TV commercial shown on ABC, CBS and NBC. The shoot took place in California.

Bryce M. is on the cover of the Scholastic Magazine October 2003 issue titled "Early Childhood Today". Bryce is also on the cover of Scholastic Magazine Book Club December 2003 publication.

Gilbert L., Cody C., and Sasha J. appear in an Oxford Health TV commercial.

Nick Jr. Magazine hired Kuseem C. to appear in their publication.

Christine F. appears in a PBS TV promo as the "listening child". The shoot took place in Westchester.

Tyler D. & Cooper S. were photographed and appear in the April/May 2004 edition of Parents & Child Magazine. Olivia B. was photographed for the August/September 2004 edition, and Gabrielle S. & Alina O. were hired for the October 2004 edition. Parents & Child Magazine selected Owen Z. to be photographed for the cover of their Nov/Dec 2003 issue. Also hired were Colby M. and Thomas T.

K-Mart hired Liliana K., Abigail R., & Alysia W. for their print circulars.

Renee P. performed as a fit model for Kids Headquarters and will appear in the Exxon on the Run ad campaign.

Belk clothing hired Victoria O. & Ingrid S. for their catalogue.

Benjamin W. appears in the Lands End 2003 fall/winter catalogue.

FAO Schwarz selected Arianne P. and Hakim R. to appear on in-store banners in their 5th Avenue Store. Watch for Olivia B. in the catalogue.

The Gap will feature Liliana K. and Zachary Y. on future ads and advertisements. Liliana K. will also appear on the book cover of a Harlequin Book romance novel. The Gap also hired Cooper S., Tyler D., Samantha S., Giovanna C., & Niya B. as fit models.

Jordan S. and Ahmad R. were featured in the NBA "Read to Achieve" public service announcement which airs on TNT and ESPN. Also appearing were Paul Simon, Jason Kidd, and Walt Frazier.

Andrew V. will appear in the 2004 Fall/Winter catalog of Absorba.

Jordan S. also appeared in a Disney TV commercial airing on Disney Playhouse morning show.

Huggies Pull-Up's selected baby Morgan C. for a TV Commercial and hired Olivia K. for a print ad.

Richard B. was involved in a research assignment for PlayStation and was also selected for the Visa TV commercial shown during the Super Bowl intermission.

Stride Rite Shoes selected baby Kaitlynne W. as the new baby being presented on Stride Rite posters and brochures.

Roma Foods prominently displays Jack K. on their posters appearing in pizza parlors.

Watch Sarah B. in the early morning on a TV Infomercial about acne medicine.

Harlequin Books selected Griffith D. to appear on the cover of their book entitled "Married in March", Stephanie K. to appear on the book cover entitled "My Big Fake Green Card Wedding". Sydnie W. will grace the cover of "Dr. Wonderful" due out in the fall and Eric E. will be on the book cover of "Her Royal Baby". Victoria O. and Charlotte P. will be the babies being held on the cover of "Holding out for a Hero". "Daddy by Default" will present babies Francesca B. and Charlotte P. on the cover. Alexandra F. & Madeleine J. were hired for "The Accidental Family". Madison C. was hired for the "Wanted: One Dad". Ingrid S. & Grace N. were hired for "Corporate Daddy".

Child Magazine photographed Liliana K. and Laina P. for future covers.

International buyers for Levis watched as John S. & Tyler H. performed runway work.

Parents Magazine's selected Victoria N. for the May 2003 cover and will also feature Erin P. in their April 2003 editorial section. Parents Magazine's August 2003 issue will present Kelly B. and Michael N. in an editorial article.

Lauren S. and Alec C. will appear in the short film titled "Mr. Krug", shot by an award-winning director.

Pharmaceutical company Lamictal will feature Samantha C. in their trade journals and website.

Grace C. was hired by Simplicity catalogue several times to appear modeling costumes and other outfits in upcoming catalogues.

New magazine "Playing with your Child" presents Leonardo C. playing with other children.

Hasbro hired Michael N., Cameron H., Zykee R., Trey W., Albert G., Zharia M., & Alejandro Z. for toy print advertisements.

McGraw Hill will feature Sara F. on the cover kindergarten math book due out this summer. McGraw Hill will also present Richard B. in a 2004 6th grade math book and Jordan S., Nicholas G., Benny M., & Bryan C. on future books.

Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue selected Victoria Z. for their bathroom tissue product.

IBM selected Brandon M. to appear in an ad set in a classroom.

A short film entitled "Generation Ex" interviewed Krystal D., Marissa R., Kayla S., Esther L., Stephanie A., Christa D., Michael N., Megan N., and Dwayne W. The film is being presented at Robert Redford's Sundance Festival.

Gerber selected Samantha G. for a print ad.

Justin F., Armando A., Samantha H., and Charlotte P., Jacob J. were hired as fit models for Tommy Hilfiger.

Christine S., Morgan K., Margaret T., Renee P., & Haley M. all were hired as fit models by The Golden Touch.

The above is just a sampling of assignments of Elen's Kids.

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